Students: Testimonials

"I am extremely impressed by how Gradarius helps students learn Calculus. Students receive responses to homework submissions in real time. They don't have to wait for graded homework and feedback from instructors - it happens instantaneously. The detailed reports show instructors which topics each student understands and areas where a student seems lost. Students can develop a deeper understanding of Calculus concepts which they can apply to other disciplines."

Sam Lind – Mathematics Ph.D. candidate and teaching assistant, University of California at San Diego

"Gradarius is a powerful system with the potential to serve as a standard in national education. It noticeably increased the effectiveness of homework exercises. The software checks every step of your progress and tells you when you accomplish an essential step or when you make a simple error. Sometimes, it suggests clarifying something in your answer, without penalizing you. The level of interactivity every step of the way made this, at least for me, a very powerful learning tool. Over time, I found myself actually looking forward to doing Gradarius homework."

George Douglas Price – Engineering Major, Stevens Institute of Technology

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