Students: Features and Benefits

Calculus is the principal gateway to pursuing education and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

Many students struggle to learn Calculus and resort to memorization techniques. They never achieve a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and topics. This can interfere with learning more advanced concepts, not only in Calculus, but in the student’s chosen fields of study. Even if the student graduates, job performance and career advancement could be affected since solid problem solving skills were never mastered.

Using Gradarius, each student is encouraged to solve a specific problem in his or her own personal style. A student can enter every step of a solution in an unstructured manner. During each step, Gradarius provides the student with immediate feedback, explanations, and helpful hints to guide the student to solve the problem in a valid, effective and efficient fashion. Along the way, Gradarius teaches students to logically craft robust Calculus solutions in a structured manner using correct mathematical notation.

Using Gradarius, students can:

  • Solve Calculus problems online, in a step-by-step manner.
  • Experiment with various problem-solving procedures and techniques.
  • Receive immediate feedback and guidance during each step of solving a problem.
  • Learn Calculus topics and concepts quickly and correctly the first time.
  • Avoid simply memorizing formulas and answer formats for tests.
  • Review areas where they need help and reinforcement.
  • Improve critical thinking skills in math, STEM subjects, and general problem solving.

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