Solution: Learning Analytics

Gradarius provides Calculus instructors with online dashboards and reports, allowing them to track the progress of each of their students in a timely and detailed manner.

Since Gradarius automatically grades, assesses, and stores each step of a student’s solution, instructors can comprehend exactly how and where a student is succeeding or struggling with a particular topic or concept.

By combining big data analytics with adaptive-learning algorithmic techniques, Gradarius is the only Calculus Learning Platform that enables an instructor to readily observe areas of mastery and areas of concern for every student in the class in an in-depth fashion. Using a report or dashboard, an instructor can drill-down to see the specific steps a student entered to solve a problem, along with the feedback provided by Gradarius. The instructor can readily see a snapshot of each student’s knowledge state, illustrating a student’s logic path for solving a particular problem or set of problems.

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