Gradarius makes learning and teaching Calculus more engaging, efficient and effective.

Gradarius is an intelligent software platform that provides students with immediate feedback on every step of the solution and instructors with data and insights about the thinking behind each student solution.

By combining data analytics with symbolic computational algorithms, Gradarius is the only Calculus Learning Platform that enables an instructor to readily observe areas of mastery and concern for every student in the class in an in-depth manner. Using dashboards and reports, an instructor can see the specific steps a student entered to solve a problem, along with the feedback provided by Gradarius. The instructor can readily see a snapshot of each student’s knowledge state, illustrating a student’s logic path for solving a particular problem or set of problems.

Today’s students need to learn when it fits their schedule. Gradarius is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week and can be accessed on a desktop PC, as well as mobile devices. Cloud-based, Gradarius is available on a subscription basis and can be integrated with the leading academic Learning Management Systems used by universities, colleges and high schools.

Gradarius Helps Instructors...

  1. Engage students in more immersive problem solving using proper notation.
  2. Save time as the platform assesses every step of every problem for each student.
  3. Review the details and logic used by each student to solve each problem.
  4. Pinpoint specific areas of mastery, strength and weakness for each student.
  5. Extend teaching time beyond class time.
  6. Devote more time to teaching rigorous topics and complex concepts.
  7. Provide data-grounded evidence of academic growth and achievement for each student.



Castle Point Learning Systems Corp. (CPLS) is the developer of Gradarius™ — the world’s first Stepwise Calculus Learning Platform. Gradarius is an innovative online learning platform designed to help students master Calculus concepts for deeper understanding — offering immediate feedback, guiding problem solving, pointing out mistakes and providing hints during each step of the problem-solving process for every problem, any time of the day or night.


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