Educators: Testimonials

"Gradarius is a powerful online learning platform currently being used by Calculus students here at Stevens. Students enjoy using it, and our assessment shows that they are developing a deeper understanding of Calculus principles. The Gradarius Learning Platform provides important benefits for our Calculus faculty, performing detailed grading and assessment of every problem. Professors now have more time to discuss more advanced concepts with their students. I believe that every institution of higher learning can benefit by embracing Gradarius as part of its Calculus curriculum."

Dr. George P. Korfiatis – Provost & University Vice President, Stevens Institute of Technology

"One of the most important features of Gradarius is immediate feedback. Every solution step is analyzed by the Gradarius Calculus Learning Platform and students can immediately see if they are on the right track."

Dr. Sasha Ushakov, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Stevens Institute of Technology

"When using Gradarius, students must think about the logic behind solving a given problem. They are encouraged to divide their solutions into a sequence of logical steps, making their approach to solving the problem more structured and more comprehensible. This process definitely helps them to master Calculus."

Dr. Denis Serbin, Affiliate Associate Professor of Mathematics, Stevens Institute of Technology

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