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ABET 2016 Presentation Summary

On April 15, 2016, Dr. Alexei Miasnikov, Director of the Department of Mathematic Sciences at Stevens Institute of Technology, was a featured speaker at the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) in Hollywood Florida. Dr. Miasnikov discussed how Stevens Institute improved Calculus Education by integrating educational technology, including Gradarius Calculus Learning Platform, into the Calculus curriculum. ABET is the premier professional accreditor for programs of engineering in the United States.

The following slides provide a brief excerpt from the presentation. To learn how to integrate Gradarius into your college’s Calculus curriculum, please submit a request using the Contact Us form.

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ABET 2016 Presentation Summary

Gradarius and Worldwide Center of Mathematics Launch Integrated Product and Service Offerings

New Partnership Offers Aligned Differential and Integral Calculus Learning Experiences


Columbus, OH – August 4, 2016 – Today Gradarius and the Worldwide Center of Mathematics launched the first two of a planned series of Calculus learning modules at MAA MathFest 2016. The two Gradarius Content Modules are based on the Center’s Worldwide Differential Calculus and Worldwide Integral Calculus digital and print textbooks, and will be available later this month.

Gradarius is the world’s first stepwise Calculus Learning Platform™. Gradarius provides students with engaging online learning experiences that teach and reinforce logical step-by-step problem solving methods. Students are encouraged to “show their work,” in a similar manner to solving Calculus problems on paper, and can receive meaningful feedback and guidance during each step of the problem-solving process.

“We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with the Gradarius team,” said Dr. David Massey, Founder and Director of the Worldwide Center for Mathematics. “The innovation of the Gradarius platform brings a whole new dimension of student engagement to the Worldwide Calculus series. For the first time, a student can get detailed feedback about each step of a solution while solving a problem any time of the day or night. Instructors can immediately see the details about how every student enrolled in their Calculus classes are solving each step of a problem.”

The Worldwide Center of Mathematics provides a comprehensive set of high quality instructional videos along with textbooks in digital and print formats that are designed to be more affordable than conventional textbooks. In addition to Differential and Integral Calculus the Center’s Calculus offerings include Pre-Calculus, Multivariate Calculus, Differential Equations with Linear Algebra, and Calculus resources designed specifically for high school students.

“We are impressed by the mission of the Worldwide Center of Mathematics, the quality of its instructional resources, and the dedication of its team,” said Dr. Alexei Miasnikov, Founder of Gradarius and Director of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Stevens Institute of Technology. “We believe that students using Gradarius with Center resources, will obtain an even deeper understanding of Calculus concepts and topics. Additionally, instructors will gain significantly better insights into their students’ strengths, areas for improvement, and overall achievements.”

MAA MathFest participants are invited to preview the modules and review the textbooks by visiting Gradarius in booth #7 and the Worldwide Center of Mathematics in booth #40. 

About the Worldwide Center of Mathematics
The Worldwide Center of Mathematics (centerofmath.org) was founded in 2008 by Dr. David B. Massey, a career mathematician and educator of more than 30 years. Its mission is to engage and nurture the local and global mathematics communities. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and focused solely on mathematics, the Center of Math publishes research and other academic resources. Leveraging today’s technology, the Center of Math produces primarily digital resources, including textbooks, videos, research and more.

About Gradarius
Gradarius (www.gradarius.com) is the world’s first stepwise Calculus Learning Platform™.  With Calculus as the principal gateway to STEM education and careers, Gradarius provides students with engaging online learning experiences that teach and reinforce logical step-by-step problem solving methods. Encouraging students to “show their work,” in a similar manner to solving Calculus problems on paper, Gradarius provides feedback and guidance to students during every step of the problem-solving process to help students achieve concept mastery and understanding. Combining data analytics with patent-pending adaptive-learning algorithmic techniques, Gradarius helps instructors save time and gain efficiencies by readily identifying areas of strength and weakness for every student. With Gradarius, universities, colleges, and high schools can realize measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention, and higher student satisfaction.

Gradarius Featured in High-Tech Teaching Cover Story

In February, Gradarius was featured in “Teaching, Transformed,” the lead article of The Stevens Indicator. The story discusses how the Stevens Institute continues to introduce innovative new technologies and teaching methods to deliver ever-better learning experiences to students. The new technologies and methodologies put students in the center during their pursuit of a STEM based degree. The team responsible for developing Gradarius and several other innovations in Calculus instruction is also introduced.

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Teaching, Transformed

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