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New Jersey Inventor’s Hall of Fame.

In October 2015, Dr. Alexei Miasnikov and Dr. Alex Myasnikov received the prestigious Advancement of Invention & Process Award from the New Jersey Inventor’s Hall of Fame for developing Gradarius, “an online tutor to serve math students’ needs through a declarative problem solving approach that provides comprehensive feedback.” The New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame honors inventors, organizations, and others who have contributed to innovation in the “Invention State.”

New Jersey has played a key role in the modern practice of invention due to its unusually rich mix of corporate laboratories, scientists, engineers, and inventors. Once home to the great Thomas Edison, who industrialized the process of invention at his factories in Menlo Park (now Edison) and West Orange, as well as Bell Telephone Laboratories and RCA Laboratories, the state continues to be a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. It ranks fourth nationally in the total number of United States patents issued while ranking only eleventh in population.

For additional information, please see University News from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

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